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Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Fragrance of Romance

The fragrance of romance is in the air! With the arrival of Spring, our senses are dancing with joy. The senses help stimulate the right side of the brain and awaken passion! Our eyes take in the first buds of roses that are born from a winter sleep. Their fragrance opens the heart, according to Perfume Couturiere, Jane Hendler, owner of Ajne Parfumerie and Apothecary in Carmel, California.

As a recent guest on our radio program, Jane shared secrets to blends and potions that are "swoon-worthy." Did you know the scent of vanilla is 70 times more sexy than other fragrances? I don't know about you, but I headed straight for the Parfumerie and had a fragrance layered with vanilla designed for me! Perfume helps release the pheromones that cause desire!

Fragrances are a very personal choice. A knowledgeable perfume courturiere can help find and create the blend of scents that works with your body chemistry. Very important!

If you don't have such a trusted advisor, visit your local perfume counter and try three perhaps four fragrances at most. The nose is worn out and will tell you lies about what you're actually smelling. You may be able to coax a few free samples. A "test drive" is your best option. You'll know it's definitely right when people begin complimenting you on your lovely fragrance. Purchase the fragrance that titillates your brain chemistry...and hopefully his!

Include the complementary moisture lotion for layering the fragrance after a bath. Spray a cotton ball with the scent and tuck it into your bra. Spritz lightly in your hairline at the nape of your neck and on the wrists. Light is the key, here. You want the fragrance to follow you in the room, not lead the way and linger long after you've left!

For this and more information on fragrance, listen to Jane Hendler's Interview by clicking here: Passion By Design Radio

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