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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Time to Look Like a Million Bucks!

It’s all about the fabulous you today! It's time to turn on the royalty in you and become the Queen of how you look.

Recently we interviewed Lauren Solomon of LS Image Associates who is dedicated to presenting you and your image professionally and personally. When you invest the time and energy to discover your unique personal style and show up as your personal best, you will live the life of your dreams! Paula and Sandy interview Lauren, revealing secrets to projecting the authentic "you in business, in love, and in life.

Lauren talks about the 5 F's: Fit, Flatter, Function, Feel, and Fabulous. She recommends going through your closet and analyzing your clothes with those five things in mind. Separate the ones that make you feel sexy, beautiful, and alive! Put them in a place all of their own. Now look at the rest of your closet. Absolutely toss the things that make you feel frumpy or old. Toss all clothes that haven't been worn in a year! Toss the things that don't feel comfortable. If you're not comfortable in an outfit, you won't feel good, or attractive!

Anything that reminds you of an unpleasant time or a color that looks dreary on you should definitely be given the heave ho. Be ruthless in letting go. Think of this pile of clothes as a gift to someone else. Take them to your local shelter…perhaps your makeover will also be a makeover for a woman beginning a new life!

Now you have room in your closet for new clothes that make you feel fabulous (and sexy!). The items you have remaining in your closet should now fit, flatter, be functional, feel good, and make you look fabulous. It's time to add a few pieces to make your wardrobe complete.

Start going through magazines to study what makes clothing appealing in today’s world. You’ll be surprised at how things have changed. Lauren says repeating your hair, skin, and eye color in clothing can be very dramatic. A little cleavage is being revealed even on the most popular female newscasters! It's important to be appropriate in the workplace, but never compromise maximizing the beautiful you. Start picturing yourself in break-out styles. Nothing too trendy, but timeless pieces that can be transformed from the work place to an evening at the theatre. Always, look dynamic at work. It reflects a confident, successful personae.

Have a date right after work? Remove the workplace blouse under your jacket, revealing a flirty sparkle chamisole top underneath. Wrap your bare neck in strands of pearls. Swipe on a bit of lipstick, and you're ready for a date with the man you love. Now, you look soft, sexy, and tastefully seductive. Let your jacket sit on the back of your chair (Bare shoulders are sensual) as you enjoy gaze into your lover's eyes.

At home you want to be soft and sensual for your sweetheart. Never, never put on sweats and torn tee shirts! Invest in comfortable lounge wear that is flattering and comfortable. Paula recommends buying a bathrobe in a soft pink or coral as it makes the skin look seductive and beautiful. She also recommends replacing robes every year...they get a lot of use!

Over the next several weeks, you will start buying clothes with new awareness! You are in the process of transformation revealing the new you. It's time to put together a wardrobe as dynamic as you want to be in the world. You’ll discover clothes will begin to reflect the happy, healthy, passionate YOU!

For other tips on designing the new amazing "you" wardrobe, listen to our interview with Lauren Solomon, image specialist, on Passion By Design radio.

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