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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sexy Ways to a More Passionate Life

And they lived…happily ever after. We’ve heard or read those words over and over as children growing up with fairy tales describing love and romance. Usually there are two lovers overcoming huge adversity who go on to find the love that will give them the perfect life. Those are fairy tales, what about real life?

Think back when you first met the lover of your dreams. You had a burning desire to love and be loved. Your partner’s touch was all that was needed to send you over the moon with passion.

So, you’re in love, you feel desire and romance in your courtship, you marry, then what? The challenge in today’s world is to stay in love, feel desire, and live with romance throughout your lifetime.

Here’s the pertinent question: If there was a secret to staying in love, in sex, in romance, in happiness…forever after…would you like to know that secret? Of course! Well….that secret is creating and maintaining a sexy life. It is absolutely attainable and sustainable.

Expressing love is important to keeping the fires burning. It feels so good! A sexy life is more than just getting married or being in a relationship. A sexy life is about keeping those desires for your lover alive!

Being sexy is a decision…it’s as simple as that. Once you have made the decision, stick to it.

Through this continuing blog, you will find by implementing ideas from this blog, it will offer a more romantic and fulfilling life. It awakens passion! You will feel more desirable, happier, and sexy!

We look forward to sharing some great ideas with you and would love your feedback!!

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